Who we are


Noun: an ultimate object or aim

Our “Telos” is to provide solutions for every healthcare provider that truly enable better access to care, reduced hospitalizations, and improve patient outcomes.

What we do

We help you build a remote patient monitoring program that works. Our innovative software platform enables various types of alerts, robust reporting, and custom program workflows. Conquer the never-ending feat of patient engagement, early intervention, and real-time access to reliable patient data utilizing TELOS RPM+

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How we do it

Healthcare Providers

  • Provider Oversite & Intervention

      Real Time Accurate Patient Data

      Data Driven Decisions

      Aggregate Health Data Trends

  • Patient Friendly Devices

      FDA Class 2 Approved

      Cellular Connected to RPM+

  • Improved Outcomes

      Prevent Avoidable Re-Admission

      Reduce Exacerbation

      Increase Patient Engagement

  • High Risk Patients



      Chronic Disease

  • Cost Analysis

      Reduce Staffing Challenges

      Expand Value Based Services

      Increase Revenue

  • RPM + Software

      Vital Reading Reminders

      Medication Reminders

      Provider Specific Workflow

      Out of Parameters Alerts